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Tallahaseee Barbershop

Are you looking for a great Tallahassee Barbershop? Well, stop looking any further. Why not consider stopping in for the best haircut in Tallahassee?

When it comes to getting a great haircut, no matter if it’s an kid’s haircut, adult haircut or even a hair cut and a shave, you want a barbershop that pays attention to detail. Not just a high production shop where you’re in an out of the chair in 15 minutes.

It takes time to get a good cut. Maybe you only need an edge. Perhaps you want a good shave so you can look sharp for that special person in your life.

At Haircutz, we care about each and every person that sits in our chairs. You may even want to catch up on your favorite team during your visit. We make each an every customer feel at home. We can talk sports with the best of them out there. Gators, Noles you name it.

Take time to visit each barbers page on this website to learn more about us. Just click on the barbers name at the top of this page.

With four experienced men, we have a barber that can meet your personal needs. We’ve clipped some of the best in Tallahassee!

Call or text any barber today for an appointment. Walk-ins are welcome, however it’s always best to make an appointment!

Our Tallahassee Barbershop is located at:

1457-1 Old St. Augustine Rd
Tallahassee, Florida 32301

Terrell King

Terrell King (Owner)

"Big Book" (Barber)

“Big Book” (Barber)

David Daniels (Master Barber)

David Daniels (Barber)

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